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What Stephen Covey would tell Joe Root about leading his team?

Congratulations to this aspiring leader Joe Root. He has achieved one of his life- time goals. At thirteen he knew he wanted to be part of the England Cricket squad. He had a vision. Now he is leading that team.

Of course his recent success is not a coincidence. Like all great performance it is based upon many factors. To be truly great at something takes a combination of obvious things such as practising skills, but also less obvious ones such as self- belief.

Joe Root’s cricket skills are not in doubt, but becoming a great leader of his team is not a given just because his cricket skills are great. What can Joe do to truly lead his team? My advice would be to move from operational to inspirational.

Leadership is about moving people to follow you. After all, you cannot call yourself a leader if nobody follows! What does it take to make people follow you? It’s inspiration. I believe the key to this is belief. For people to be moved to follow your lead they need to believe what you believe. Joe will need to be clear about what he believes and communicate this with expert communication skills.

According the Steven Covey (world famous author of “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People and leadership guru) the way to build inspiration is to first work on trust. To build trust Covey says there are 13 key behaviours. These are:

  1. Talk Straight

  2. Demonstrate Respect

  3. Create Transparency

  4. Right Wrongs

  5. Show Loyalty

  6. Deliver Results

  7. Get Better

  8. Confront Reality

  9. Clarify Expectation

  10. Practice Accountability

  11. Listen First

  12. Keep Commitments

  13. Extend Trust

Covey says, “My experience is that significant distrust doubles the cost of doing business and triples the time it takes to get things done.Trust is like a performance multiplier, enabling organisations to succeed in their communications, interactions, and decisions, and to move with incredible speed. A recent Watson Wyatt study showed that high trust companies outperform low trust companies by nearly 300%! ”

That's why it's so important.

So often in business good people get promoted to lead teams based on a specific skill set, for example, being the best sales person often leads to becoming the sales team manager. In many cases it’s a disaster! The sales person moves away from what he/she is good at and fails to lead the team because he/she is never understood how to manage others. I am sure this won’t be the case with Joe Roots.

Developing expert leadership skills requires both the obvious elements and the less obvious (and often over looked) ones.If you’d like to discuss moving from operational to inspirational then please do get in touch.

Rachel Stone, 07545217966.