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Is there funding available to grow your business through expert leadership?

If you are an SME looking to grow you can apply for funding grants to support your growth. RSE Group has a strategic link with an agency which is a growth funding consultancy- T4CUK ltd.

There are many pots of funding available at local, regional, National and International level that can support your growth plans. There are many aspects of growth which can be supported – including leadership training.

Everyone knows that you can only grow your business successfully if you grow your team properly too. That can mean adding new roles to the business, adding new team members and also developing your leadership team to take the business through the period of growth.

Nothing in your business happens which is not the direct result of an act of leadership and at a time of growth this is even more significant. Investment in growth can only generate a return if the team leading that growth are expert leaders.

You can access grant funding to invest in the team that will lead your business to that next level.

Many of our Clients have taken advantage of this service. Working together RSE Group and T4C can support you to get the right team in place with the right leadership skills to maximise the return on your investment and achieve the growth results you desire.

The Process is as follows:

  • You decide you are ready to grow

  • You meet with RSE Group to discuss your training needs and your growth plans

  • A bespoke training plan is agreed

  • You speak with T4C UK and complete a Fact find form.

  • You have an interview with T4C and agree the plan.

  • You work with T4C and RSE Group for a year to develop your team and access the funding for your training plan (between 20% and 50% of the investment)

  • T4C UK continue to search for funding opportunities throughout the year.

  • RSE Group continue throughout the year to grow your team to meet your objectives.

See the examples of ambitious companies like yours, who have accessed funding to grow. Call us to discuss how we can help you achieve the growth you desire.