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Why use business coaching? 

What is the single most important benefit coaching brings to business owners and their teams?

Coaching makes you a more effective decision–maker as there is an accountability – another set of eyes and ears .  It forces you to look at your goals and to make sure that everything done in the business is moving you towards achieving those goals.  You to make time for the really important activities - which leads to success. You provide the fuel.  I provide the ignition. 

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process which brings about change for the better.  Transformation, innovation, progress, solution, improvement, evolution - all these words which can be used to describe change.  

All businesses experience change as a constant. By working with a coach that change is a managed process.

I am a business coach and that means I work with business owners and key people in the business to support change.  This usually means growing the business but it is also about change in all its forms. 

It could refer to a change in personal effectiveness, for example, managing time more effectively or improving work life balance. It could mean improving profit or something more intangible such as improving team dynamics in your  firm.  Coaching is a highly motivational experience, which empowers  you to realise your maximum potential with dramatic results.  92% of businesses using  a coach experience growth.

What is coaching not?

Coaching is not telling or advising.

Why would  you use a coach?

‘Being your own boss’ is often what most people say they went into business for. It’s exciting and liberating, however it does mean that you have no one to be accountable to. Sometimes complacency or self-doubt can creep in with disastrous effects. Who challenges you about your performance? It is easy to beat yourself up or to congratulate yourself for being mediocre. Where do you get your feedback from? 

It is so difficult when you are a business owner to take time to focus on the future. Steven Covey, in his book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ says that that there are 7 key behaviours which lead to effectiveness, the second of these is to start with the end in mind

This means looking ahead and focusing all your activities on your desired outcome.  It’s easy to get caught up with the day- to-day issues, get bogged down and lose focus on your  goals.  Working with a business coach ensures that you are clear on your goals, directing your activity to achieving them, taking responsibility for your performance and checking in with a supportive person who will ignite your fuel, stretch and challenge you.

Coaching ensures that you raise your awareness and take responsibility for your actions to ensure success.  You have a regular check in with me and that means you have to focus on what has gone well and what can’t be learnt if things did not go to plan.

It is highly motivational and has a massive impact on business results.

Having someone to discuss ideas, explore issues from different perspectives and to ask questions helps you  really focus on what is important.

How does coaching work ?

Here is an analogy

A tennis coach would not get a very good result helping a budding tennis star by constantly asking

  • Are you watching the ball?
  • Why aren’t you watching the ball?

The player would be defensive, angry or unaware of the errors he/she is making.

A skilled coach would ask other questions to make the player really take notice of what is going on – such as:

  • Which way is the ball spinning as it comes towards you?
  • How high is it each time it crosses the net?
  • Does it spin faster or slower after it bounces?
  • How far away is your opponent when you first  see it spinning?

This way the coach has made the player become compelled the player to watch the ball and the action with heightened awareness.

It requires a higher order response- requires focus/awareness

  • Answers are descriptive not judgmental
  • Provides opportunity for a feedback loop for the coach

This is what working with a business coach is like.  The questions force you to become aware and to take responsibility which drives up business performance. 

It’s fun, tough, stimulating, thought-provoking and very effective at helping business owners to raise their game and to achieve more in their business.

Is the work always 1:1?

Not all coaching is carried out on a  1:1 basis

It can be done as group coaching. I have worked with senior leadership teams in larger organisations whereby the whole team has  coaching sessions to drive up the performance of the team.  This has a massive impact on results.

What next?

The thing about coaching is you need to work with someone you can have rapport with.  You need to get on with your coach, there needs to be a meeting of minds.  You need to suit each other.  Let’s meet up to discuss your business and my services, the tools I use and the way I operate as a business coach.

You can contact me by email or by phone.  Have a look at the testimonials .  Connect with me on facebook and twitter.

Let’s see if we could work together to grow your business and improve your business results so that you can have your best year yet.

My favourite quote about what I do in my business for my clients is from Johann Gottfried von Herder.

He says “Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant.  There is a fuel in us that needs to be ignited.  Fortunate is the one who has the person with spark around them to ignite their fuel.”