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Rachel has been pivotal in the advancement of our business. Through our regular meetings we have reviewed what has worked and why and also what didn’t work and why. This hopefully stops us making repeated mistakes and allow us to move forward. We have also set ourselves future goals to move towards and achieve, this has been very motivational.

Rachel is very inspiring and positive, she has helped my husband and I work more as a team with a mutual future goal of growing the business. Rachel has helped us to find the resources that we both possess within us and also to see what skills we needed to bring in to run the company more efficiently.

Rachel has put us in touch with organisations that can help us financially with grant funding which will hopefully enable us to train our workforce and buy machinery and also to relocate our premises.

Rachel is very approachable and offers a friendly supportive shoulder to either lean or cry on.

Sarra Hawes, Director Hawes Building Ltd

"Identity have been working with Rachel for 18 months. We are delighted to have her as part of our team.

Identity have experienced on average 25-30% growth of turnover year on year for the past 5 years but it is 2016 where we are soon to experience our greatest growth of 50%. By utilising Rachel’s confident, friendly and approachable coaching style she has embedded herself into the business as a firm partner in our growth plans. Rachel is knowledgeable and has gained huge respect across the team. Rachel works across the business with our 12 strong management team and Senior Directors.

Without Rachel I can firmly say that our growth of the business would not be as smooth or controlled as it is today. She has developed an incredible culture of feedback throughout the business and everyone is always ready to learn. Whether it be a new approach to leadership or overcoming their mistakes and barriers, our day to day business us underpinned by a strong culture of learning.”

Michael Gietzen, MD Identity Group.


"We asked Rachel to come and talk to our management team and it was a fantastic experience. We are a relatively new and relatively young team here, and it was a great opportunity to discuss some of the theories and information behind management styles - with the outcome of making us all work on the areas we aren't so good at - to the benefit of the success of the whole business as everyone is communicating better. Rachel was always on time, professional, personable and gave us the perfect level of learning versus talking. She adapted to our needs and tailored the course to suit our business. Can't recommend enough - will hopefully be asking her back in the future, there is so much to learn!”

Tess and Andrew Swan, The Crown.




“We were introduced to Rachel through the Growth Accelerator program, which provides match-funded grants for high growth businesses. We were instantly impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm around the topic of leadership and coaching. At one point during the initial chat she used our white board to help illustrate a point which managed to get all of our attention. (This is someone who really knows her stuff and is passionate about it!) We've had our Directors enrolled on the “The Best Year YetTM" program through Rachel and we are finding the one-to-one coaching sessions really helpful in growing the skills of our team and helping us deal with some of the pressures of a rapidly expanding company. Rachel has also been training our middle managers and the feedback has been really positive. It’s exciting for us as a board because we are seeing real change in our middle managers as a direct result of the training. I'd certainly have no problem in recommending her coaching and training for any business wanting to expand and develop their leadership”

Dr Andrew Robertson, MD | R&B Star, Maidstone, Kent

Dr Andrew and Rachel were shortlisted as one of eleven finalists

out of over 500 entries for the “Sir Alex Ferguson Leadership Award” September 21st.



"Rachel's personality is infectious and her training techniques are powerful and thought provoking. The changes we have made within the business already after just a few sessions are incredible and contributing to moving the business forward! Best thing we have ever done!”

Corin Dudley, MD Corin Dudley Electrical Services

"We had some very specific training needs when we first started talking with Rachel and it quickly became apparent that her training style, manner and knowledge was perfect for our company and got the very best out of our staff. As a manager of people it has been a source of joy to see my team flourish and embrace new working practices and come back to the office with a renewed vigour and true sense of purpose in their jobs and the ability to do their jobs better than they already were. Rachel has a great knack of empowering people and ensuring they follow best practice whilst enjoying what they do. I would highly recommend Rachel to any organisation trying to get the best from their staff and any leadership or team training that they are considering she's defo the lady for the job. ”

Mandy Brook, MD RSE Group Ltd Worldwide Recruitment


"I have worked with Rachel for a year, first as my business coach and secondly for bespoke leadership and management training. Her support, advice and knowledge has been invaluable. I am now the business owner and leader I want to be. I can't recommend Rachel highly enough.”

Carrie Starbuck, MD Learning Performance Ltd.


"I've been working with Rachel for the last 2.5 years. She has not only supported me guided me and shown me clear direction, Rachel has also inspired me. Rachel's conference in October 2015 has been an eye opener for me as I'm a leader too. Rachel does not only provide clear and accurate communication she has given me courage when I have felt weak. I would not be where I am today in my business without the help, support and wealth of knowledge that Rachel had shared with me. Thank you Rachel”

Vicki Chisholm, Service Director



Mike Ogilvie | OBC The Accountants



“I first met Rachel at a networking event when I had just started out in business, and she gave a very informative talk on the “Cycle of Productivity”. This led me to attend one of her business planning workshops. This was an incredibly helpful session which enabled me to take time to evaluate my vision as a mother and business owner, assess my financial position and put systems and process into place to maximise my sales and marketing activities.

From this point I knew that I wanted to continue to work with Rachel on a regular basis. Rachel signposted me to funding available for business coaching and I was successful in getting a “growth voucher”. Our 1:1 sessions are invaluable to my business, and with Rachel’s help I have exceeded my expectations for my first year in business. Rachel has given me effective tools to use within my business, helped me to plan effectively, aided in marketing campaigns, given me boosts of confidence and held me accountable for meeting deadlines.

Recently I joined one of Bespoke Training’s “Business Ignite” Groups. Held on a monthly basis, this is a small group in which we have the opportunity to evaluate what went well in the last month, what would be even better and what we can learn from the last month to improve our business practice. Each month Rachel covers a different area of business. Last month we talked about the sales process, and I came away with lots of new ideas about branding and my marketing process. Because we set individual goals in front of the group, it helps ensure you put all those great ideas into practice.

I have no doubt that having a business coach has significantly increased the growth of my business, and I look forward to working with Rachel in the future!”

Kate Darbyshire | 1066 Photography



My name is Emma Rogers and I run a fitness studio in Eastbourne offering 1:1 & Small Group Personal Training.

I first met Rachel at a local Business Networking event. After talking for a little while I really felt we were on the same wavelength and some of Rachel’s observations about my business really helped me think about it differently. I was planning my fitness Studio which was a huge step as I’d not had a business premises before and having overheads felt quite daunting.

As a Sole Trader having regular planning meetings with Rachel enables me to brainstorm and helps me focus on both the long-term and the short-term goals for my business.

We meet once a month and review the previous month – we assess what was successful and what can be learnt from things which didn’t go according to plan! We also brainstorm about Marketing, analyse the figures and set goals for the following month. This really helps me to focus on the bigger picture as well as helping with monthly tasks.

I feel so much more confident in the future of my business. I know what I’m working towards and I now have a plan which can be followed but also adjusted when necessary. Having coaching sessions with Rachel has given me this confidence!

If you are facing challenges in your business, or contemplating starting one, I can highly recommend business coaching with Rachel.



Rachel has been coaching me on a bespoke management training course. I have already gained confidence and tools to assist me in my role. Rachel has a unique ability to make you feel at ease; she is professional, friendly and has a great understanding of what it is I need to assist me and the business. I've never looked forward to training before, but with Rachel at Bespoke...but with Rachel at Bespoke Training, I look forward to the next session. She comes highly recommended.
March 9, 2015, Leanne was Rachel's client


Thank you Rachel for a most interesting and stimulating Business Ignite Group Coaching sessions. It is a real pleasure to share ideas, problems and best practice with other small business people. It is also great to step out of the business and make time to think about moving the business forward; in addition I find the commitments we make at the end of the evening are invaluable to taking action and making things happen.

Christina Ewbank, Chief Executive, Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce

I met Rachel at one of her presentations. She opened my eyes and made me realise I have to work on my business and not in my business. I always felt scared and never found the time to plan and get organised by myself. Having Rachel as a coach has been the best thing that happened to my business for years! Just in few months, we have planned my biggest challenge to launch new service, which I was terrified about and succeed with it! Each month Rachel has been really supportive. She guides me, makes me think about my own values and objectives. I've planned step - by - step some actions to achieve my goals. She has given me the strength and the determination to believe in my business. I really enjoy her convivial but focused work in our 1-2-1 sessions. I always look forward to meeting her again to review and evaluate and pursue my next objectives. She is enthusiastic, truthful, encouraging and organised, a real inspirational woman for lots of us!

Cat Creative, Catherine Corvee,Freelance Graphic Designer



Rachel helped my business grow and in particular she helped me to develop a strategic approach to the future. I enjoyed the challenging coaching techniques which moved me to a higher level of personal effectiveness. The significance of delegation was brought home to me in a supportive manner. I was able to set a new direction for my business which also enabled me to improve my work life balance. Her professional approach was a good blend of challenge and support. Her understanding of the issues within my sector was insightful. I learnt many new approaches to deal with business growth. Her work had a significant impact on my success.

Peter Sanders, Managing Director, Sanders Residential Block Management ltd, Eastbourne

Having never had any form of training in business, yet having run a company for four years, I was beginning to realise that something was not going right. I was at a talk that Rachel Stone was giving and it was as if the mist started to clear - she made things clearer and encouraged me to set goals. After speaking to her on the phone, she came to see me on a one to one basis and went through in more depth what was worrying me and gently explained things that are already helping me. She is very supportive and I feel much happier to take my business forward. If you have worries and feel you need support and guidance on taking your business forward, speak to Rachel, she is a really nice, supportive person. 10 out of 10. Thanks Rachel.

Hawkstown Heating 01323 840569

Rachel's professionalism, experience and business acumen were blatantly clear to me the first time we met at a networking group. Now having conducted our first 1-2-1 coaching session she surpassed all my high expectations for our meeting. Her ability to listen, interpret and visualise my personal business aspirations as well understanding the intricacies of my business operations meant that she was able to help me clarify and focus on key areas of my business plan and business strategies. Offering sound and informed advice throughout, her guidance prompted me to re-evaluate my core strategies and goals and re-align myself so that I am now in a better position to take my business forward. Her service has been outstanding and I know I and my business will benefit greatly from this session. I highly recommend Rachel to all those seeking to enhance their business.

Mike Madelin , Arm Locksmiths, Hailsham

Mike Dixon

Rachel is an outstanding trainer with a sophisticated understanding of the ways in which organisations work. She has exceptionally good communication skills and is highly effective when delivering sessions to both individuals and groups. I have commissioned Rachel to provide staff development activity in my institution and I have also been a participant in some of her extremely enjoyable and productive training sessions. I have always been impressed by how her knowledge of business needs, energy and great sense of humour combine to ensure that those working with her feel motivated and inspired. She is a dynamic individual with a creative, resourceful and admirably efficient approach to her work.

Mike Dixon, Former Head of Park Sixth Form College; Eastbourne, Former Deputy Director of Aimhigher Sussex, currently Education Consultant and Freelance Writer

'Rachel is an inspiring facilitator who has the skills to get a group focused on what has brought them together and what they need to do to achieve their goals.'

Jay Beichman | Counsellor/Therapist

Rachel has worked with the senior management team to provide a programme to support the management of change in the business. We are moving from line production to cell production and she has supported this change with a structured series of sessions covering theories of change and leadership, activities to apply the theory to our situation and insights to develop the team to inspire the new philosophy. She has adapted the programme to meet our needs. She uses a variety of techniques to engage the team and the programme has helped us achieve our aims.

Stephen Graham | Bausch & Lomb

As a manager working for a small business it's easy to feel isolated and unsure of your personal performance. Healthcare professionals like myself are finding our time being taken up increasingly with paperwork. I was feeling completely swamped and bringing it home. It was impacting on my family life. Rachel was a breath of fresh air. She helped me to focus on key issues and through the use of practical tools, suggested reading and ever supportive guidance. I was able to set myself realistic and achievable goals. As a result I was able to improve my personal effectiveness at work and so reduced my stress levels. Through skilled and empathetic coaching Rachel helped me to believe in myself and become more effective and improve my productivity.

Tina Harman | Pharmacist | L Cameron Chemist, Seaford, East Sussex, UK

As my business is a start up business, a lot of Rachel's help has been to give me confidence in my own abilities and to be more assertive in asking for business and not taking no for the first answer when it just needs me to explain perhaps a bit more of what I can offer to the client. This has also been useful with my networking skills being used at the business network meetings I have joined. Particularly using the skills of seeing myself as an actress working at selling my business which takes the personal out and results in being less fearful of perceived rejection. Rachel has also helped me to let go of some 'fussing around detail' that I have unearthed in myself. This has resulted in a negative energy from me turning to a positive as I am more able to let go of feelings of being over responsible for other people's actions. I am looking forward to working with Rachel in the future as I get in more work and can invest more in her services.

Sue Robins |

I chose Rachel to be my small business coach to help me to progress faster and to reach my goals when setting up my new business as a stress management consultant. The sessions were thought-provoking, insightful, helpful and informative. They kept me on track and moving forward to achieve my goals.As a business coach, Rachel is professional, switched on, caring and supportive. She encouraged me to keep going when things got tough and she cheered me on when I achieved my goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone in business who wants to improve their performance and see results faster.

Caroline | Stress Management Consultant |

Rachel provided the Education Futures Trust staff with a well organised, bespoke training programme that allowed for the exploration of what change meant to the organisation and to the individual staff. Not only did the materials provide challenge, but the staff left the session with a clear understanding of their expectations of a team and the impact that they themselves have within that team.

Carole | Chief Executive | Education Futures Trust

You could not have programmed the modules better. After each I solved a work problem using what we had covered that week. The training was geared just for me. We hit it off from the beginning and we were able to communicate very well. I am very impressed as I can waffle on a bit you were able to move me on so we covered all the work. The sessions were very pacey, not to slow or boring and very relevant to my day to day work. Completely satisfied. I would most certainly shout your services out loud and recommend you.

Jon Hawley | Catering Manager | Roedean School


I've enjoyed working with Rachel Stone, Bespoke Training Eastbourne. She's been organised, personable and effective in her training. She was able to adapt to our unusual business type here at Lushington Chiropractic, focusing her training to meet our specific needs. The team found their training practical and useful, and I have been impressed by her ability to understand our needs.

Dr James Revell | Lushington Chiropractic

‘Once I was afraid I was petrified’…..This is how I felt about my business and my life. I was doing so much, but actually doing very little that mattered. Rachel helped me focus on the important stuff i.e. time management, getting things done and more importantly, what I wanted for my life and family. She has supported me all the way and in the process increased my confidence and self worth. Her knowledge is incredible, one of her favourite sayings is “ok lets look at why that happens” she then shows you the thinking and actions behind a decision to help you understands the problem and how to change things for the better. Working with Rachel has been a life changing experience and I would highly recommend her to grow you and your business. She continues to be an important part of my personal and business life.

I am forever grateful for all your help and support and am pleased to have gained a friend in the process

Ali x

Alison Thompson | The Dental Barn